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Global human rights abuse of domestic workers: Special investigations for The Guardian 


These articles were written after a series of investigations into the human rights abuse of foreign domestic workers around the world that included research trips in the Philippines in 2015 and Qatar in 2013.

News analysis – The global plight of domestic workers: few rights, little freedom, frequent abuse, written in collaboration with Guardian Modern Day Slavery in Focus editor Annie Kelly.

Feature – ‘My employer hit me in the face and pushed me down the stairs’: Filipina migrant maids report most abuse in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia in particular, where exploitation thrives.

News article – Qatar’s foreign domestic workers subjected to slave-like conditions

Feature – Employment victory for Qatar migrant worker who was left to go hungry

News article – UN calls on Qatar to end exploitation and trafficking of domestic workers

News article – Qatar maids detained by authorities after having passports confiscated

News article – Qatar’s foreign domestic workers face abuse and exploitation, Amnesty warns

Feature – Broken promises: Qatar’s migrant workers caught in the kafala system


Radio X EU audio news reports and written article – British mother visits Brussels to call for global baby trafficking probe

This news story features an audio preview and updated radio report of Ruth Appleby’s appearance at the European Parliament Petitions Committee, to explain why she believes her baby was taken, along with an article examining the Spain baby trafficking allegations.

Al Jazeera infographic – Connecting Syria’s allies and enemies This interactive look at the political and military positions for and against military intervention in Syria went viral on social media. Al Jazeera interactive – Understanding Australia This collaboration was conducted in my role as Spotlight: Australia page co-ordinator  and content commissioner and features a picture gallery, poll and infographics, which I helped graphic artist Alia Chughtai and data journalist Mohammed Haddad create. It examines the main issues of Australian politics and features SoundCloud audio interviews by journalists Nyssa Skilton and Sarah Colyer, whom I recruited from Australia as part of my role. Al Jazeera infographic – What the 2013 election means for Australia This collaboration with graphic artist Alia Chughtai breaks down the 2013 election Australian federal election. Al Jazeera feature – Resource wealth key to ‘Minegolia’ poll This article examines how the distribution of  Mongolia’s vast mineral riches was the key feature of the 2013 presidential election in the landlocked Asian country.

Business and Technology 

Al Jazeera feature – Mongolia mega-mine set to transform country I visited the Oyu Tolgoi mine, near Mongolia’s border with China, to see how it was beginning to transform the emerging nation’s economy. Al Jazeera feature – World powers react to Bitcoin boom This article looks at the international impact of the decentralised digital currency Bitcoin. Al Jazeera feature – Digital drive aids Philippines relief This article examines how online mapping emerged as a key tool for international agencies in aid getting aid to areas hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

Maggie's Newcastle has elements designed to appeal to men and women.

Maggie’s Newcastle has elements designed to appeal to men and women.


International Business Times news feature – Movember Foundation UK: Providers Need to Do More For Men’s Health Issues This article examines how health services are failing men in key areas including mental health support. International Business Times news story – Pregnant smokers increase risk of children with heart ailments. This story reports on the impact of smoking while pregnant.

Sport and fitness

Luffit fitness guide to better mental health – Beat the Blues. This article offers  five exercises that can help people improve their mental health. I researched and wrote the article, including headlines, for

Al Jazeera Year in Review – Triumphs and tribulations of sport in 2013 This article reflects on the highs and lows of global sport in 2013. I researched, wrote and edited the article, including headlines, for Al Jazeera.

Travel and Leisure

News Corporation hiking feature – Take a walk on an Adelaide Hills trail This is a first-person account of the highlights on the 17.5km trek along the first section of the Yurrebilla Trail in Adelaide, South Australia. Yelp – Social networking reviews Published reviews written when employed by Yelp as a Scout writer/sub-editor: 270.

All photos published on this website are the copyright of Rebecca Falconer

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