About me



Thanks for taking the time to visit my website, which includes blogs and vlogs I’ve produced, along with video and audio reports. You’ll find story highlights and links on this site to my multimedia news articles featured in HuffPostthe Guardian, Al Jazeera English, the Middle East Eye, Radio X EU and the International Business Times.

I’m a British-Australian multimedia journalist with more than a decade of journalism experience in countries including the UK, Spain, Belgium, Qatar, Mongolia, Australia and now Aotearoa/New Zealand.

My broadcast skills include filming, editing and uploading video using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Elements, and editing and uploading audio using Adobe Audition, Audacity and SoundCloud.

The work I’m most proud of is when I produced in-depth reports that examined human rights abuses for the Guardian from 2013-2015 and the Belgian broadcaster Radio X EU in 2015. It was also rewarding to contribute to the UK fitness website Luffit.com with the globetrotting yoga blog and vlog series, Bend it Like Becks.

I previously helped produce shareable content as the London News Editor of the US website HuffPost, where I was assigned to the World and General Assignment desks.

Now, I’m enjoying collaborating with colleagues and media partners across New Zealand as Stuff news director, and I was very proud when we were named website of the year in May 2018.

In my spare time, I make videos and manage the social media content for my husband’s mobile charging station business ChargedAs.

It’s fair to say that I’m a full-blown media junkie, and I feel so lucky that I’ve made a career out of my passion for news.

You can read more about my background and get in touch with me on LinkedIn. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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